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How Your Association Can Succeed in Social Media

Posted by Andy Freed on 5/19/16 10:40 AM

Done well, using social media makes all your other objectives easier. Whether your association works to build awareness, create industry standards, provide certification programs, or promote field advancements, connecting with a world of similarly invested constituents will only make your mission easier.  Here’s how to get started:

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Seven Words Towards Better Presentations

Posted by Andy Freed on 5/10/16 9:26 AM

Most of the movies I go to are pretty good.

Same thing for most of the plays I attend.

But here’s the cold, hard truth. Most of the business presentations I go to are pretty awful.

On one hand, it’s not a surprise. Jerry Seinfeld once joked that with public speaking ranked as the number one fear of most adults—with death number two—at a funeral most people would rather be the one in the coffin rather than the one giving the eulogy.   

But the reality is that with a little thought and preparation, anyone—and I do mean anyone—can do a lot better.

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Tips for Managing Millennials - from a real, live millennial!

Posted by Zofia Eker on 5/2/16 8:40 AM

“Management is about coping with complexity. Leadership is about coping with change.”

- John Kotter, Harvard University, Leading Change

It was only about two years ago, when I started as a Program Coordinator at Virtual, Inc., that it dawned on me that I belong to the dreaded Millennial Generation. I say dreaded, because it seems that we have quite a reputation out in the world for being lazy, spoiled and demanding.

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Getting a Charge Out of Standards

Posted by Andy Freed on 4/4/16 8:00 AM

I love new tech toys. Sometimes they’re just good for their own sake, and sometimes they teach a larger lesson.

My latest toy is a Zolt charger. These are pretty cool—a shout out to It’s the world’s smallest and lightest laptop charger. And it works great. But there’s a catch.

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Why Employee Engagement Should Be Part of Your HR Strategy

Posted by Ann Geary on 3/30/16 7:00 AM

We’ve all had them. The employee who had everything going for them on paper during the interview process, then turns out to be a nightmare.  Associations often feel particularly challenged in this respect—feeling that constraints on salary or “perks” compared with non-profits relegate them to be less selective on hiring. 

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Changing Your Address or Responsible Party Could Get You in Hot Water with the IRS

Posted by Tom Pappas on 3/24/16 10:29 AM

Spring brings so many good things. Spring training for baseball. Better weather here in Boston. And for me, as a financial expert, the fun of tax time. As our clients approach tax time, I typically get questions like, “What’s new with the IRS?” Because in taxes, even something as simple as changing your address can generate the need for some hefty paperwork.

So that brings me to one thing that’s new. In the past, if a nonprofit with an EIN # moved or changed its address, it would normally just send in the change of address form to the IRS.

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How to Prevent Room Block Pirates from Hijacking Your Next Event

Posted by Margot Rodger and Brittney Burns on 3/8/16 7:00 AM

If you’re planning an association meeting or conference any time soon, you’ll want to be on the lookout for “room block pirates.” These are housing companies that call your participants pretending to be affiliated with your group to try to get them to book a room outside of your room block. 

Unfortunately, one of our technology association clients fell prey to such a room block piracy scam recently. We were managing the details for a conference this client was hosting in Vancouver not long ago, when the phony housing company called one of the scheduled speakers to say that the room block was almost sold out. The pirate encouraged the person to make a reservation over the phone to secure one of the last rooms. The speaker complied, giving his credit card information, only to find out later that the company was a fake and he didn’t have a valid reservation after all. This meant that the speaker was out the room cost on his credit card and was also left with no lodgings. 

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Disruptive Standards

Posted by Greg Kohn on 2/24/16 3:08 PM

disruptive_standards.jpgWhen most people think of standards, they think of companies in an industry coming together to address common points of pain or to collaborate on technical specifications that would benefit the entire ecosystem. In other words, traditional standards efforts tend to support the "all boats rise" notion that when standards are developed and adopted, everyone wins. 

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Lessons from The Boss

Posted by Andy Freed on 2/18/16 10:45 AM

presentation_tips.jpgI love my job. And I love my family. But there are times I’m “this close” to throwing it all away to just follow Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band around the country. He’s out on tour again, and I’m slated to see him at least four times this tour alone. 

If you’ve not been to a Springsteen show, there’s nothing else like it. His recent show in Boston was three and a half hours long, and included the 66-year-old Springsteen crowd-surfing during "Hungry Heart" and simply never taking a break from the first song to the last. 

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A Powerful Mission Statement, in Two Words or Less

Posted by Greg Kohn on 2/12/16 10:11 AM

mission_statement.jpgWe've all been there: those tedious board meetings spent hammering out modifications to an organization's mission statement. After all, the not-quite-right mission statement is the reason why membership is down, adoption is low, and so forth. Of course it is! 

While I have always believed in the value of a crisp, succinct mission statement, I recently witnessed the power of boiling a mission statement down to its most simple form. The FIDO Alliance, one of our client organizations, exists simply to "eliminate passwords." Sure, the organization does have a wordier "official" mission statement, but the unofficial two-word version is really why its membership has grown significantly, its members are deeply engaged and –most importantly– it stands a great chance to actually achieve its audacious goal. 

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