In 2009, there were 90,908 trade and professional associations, and 1,238,201 philanthropic or charitable organizations.

But despite being so pervasive, associations aren’t typically thought of as being efficient, innovative organizations. In fact, for many, it appears that “non profit” isn’t just their tax status, it’s their business strategy.

This blog is intended to change that mind set. There is no reason that associations and consortia cannot be successful in every way—from finance to IT to innovative governance.

The content of this blog is derived from years of “real world” experience working with a wide range of associations and consortia—from health care lobbying organizations to technology associations that include well known companies like Microsoft, Google and Nokia. Our hope is this will be helpful to organizations in all “stages of life”—from fledgling start up associations to organizations looking to reinvent themselves after decades of success. Topics will include Board practices, membership strategies, technology trends, and more. The contributors to this blog are some of the best thinkers out there on association public relations, operations, finance and legal issues.

Let the fun begin!

About Virtual, Inc.

Virtual, Inc. is the first association management company to combine advanced technology, industry best practices and innovation to give small and mid-sized associations world-class business operations.

We integrate best-of-breed Web, membership, communications and collaboration solutions with efficient staff services to drive key business processes and operations, so that you can focus on the “big picture.”

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