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CES 2016 Final Thoughts

Posted by Andy Freed on 1/12/16 1:44 PM

After a few days of walking the floor at CES, many things start to look alike. That’s because they are. There were dozens of quadcopter drones from different manufacturers. A sea of 4k televisions all with great pictures. And enough virtual reality glasses to make them stop being a novelty.

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CES 2016 Report

Posted by Andy Freed on 1/7/16 10:29 AM

Yesterday I spent my day at the events that are held in advance of the floor opening for the Consumer Electronics Show—some research sessions and a keynote by the CEO of Intel. Some interesting things afoot for the world of technology:

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Building your Business Continuity Plan

Posted by Brant Picard on 1/5/16 6:30 AM

In the wake of a natural disaster affecting your technology alliance or association, you stand in the midst of the rubble that was once your business and wonder how in the world you will notify everyone and tell them that the organization and office no longer exist. What is going to happen to your members when they call the organization expecting to get help or support and instead receive only a busy signal? Where and how are you going to obtain and restore the years of data and information that were lost, in order to keep the business running? What are you going to do? And where do you begin? How is the organization going to recover from this loss?

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Why These Four “P’s” Add Up to Successful Event Marketing

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/2/15 7:00 AM

Disastrous events. We’ve all had them. I remember standing with my boss behind a pillar at an event in 1999, as he was unable to look at the room we had set for 700 with the 50 attendees. My attempts to promote the event as having a better-than-expected speaker-to-attendee ratio fell a little flat.

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Maintaining Your Business Continuity in the Event of a Man-Made or Natural Disaster

Posted by Brant Picard on 11/23/15 8:46 AM

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re awakened by the sound of your cell phone ringing on your nightstand. Your first thought is always, “Something happened to the kids!” or “A family member is in trouble!” However, as you come back to your senses a bit and realize that it is probably work-related, nothing really prepares you for the person on the other end of the line telling you, “We have a business emergency! Our business and the customers we support may be in jeopardy if we can’t recover from this disaster!”

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Making a Day of It

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/16/15 7:00 AM

Last week I saw the coolest Facebook post from my sister-in-law, who works at EMC in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. It was pretty neat—Patriot tight end (and part time Superhero) Rob Gronkowski had come to EMC as part of a company celebration. She was pumped to see Gronk live and in person. Watch the clip!

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How did you spend your weekend?

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/7/15 8:11 AM

Here’s how I spent mine: 
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Spinach and Standards: Much in Common

Posted by Greg Kohn on 9/22/15 7:00 AM

My neighbor is a spinach farmer. Because his work is so much different than mine, I ask him about it whenever I can. What I’ve learned most through our conversations is that in farming, timing is everything. This past week is a great example of that. Ordinarily my neighbor would have seeded for his spring crop last week, to ensure that the seedlings would mature enough to survive the first frost. He couldn’t do that, though, because our area received significant rain last week, softening the ground too much to accept the seeds. That meant, by his calculation, yesterday and today were the only two days available to get his spring crop planted. That his team’s plows kept running in the field until 3 am this morning demonstrated that he wasn’t taking any chances on missing that critical window. 

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Get Your Association to Think Like an Employer: Lessons from the Story

Posted by Andy Freed on 8/28/15 7:54 AM

There was a front page article in the New York Times recently about the culture at

I don’t know how much of it is true. The Times makes a compelling case. Jeff Bezos makes a compelling rebuttal

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A Must-Watch Webinar for Technical Working Group Members

Posted by Andy Freed on 8/18/15 7:00 AM

Technical working groups/consortia play a crucial role in the technology standards arena, but TWG progress isn’t always what it could be. The lack of strong leadership and clear procedure often makes it difficult for busy volunteers (spread across different geographies, no less) to stay organized. Meanwhile, technical working group projects may suffer from poor meeting attendance, role confusion, or chronic delays in decision making.

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