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Coming Soon...Holiday Wishes From Virtual

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/23/14 12:27 PM

Click on the image to view our holiday card!

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Satisfaction Formula

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/16/14 6:30 AM

A very smart polling professional once told me the formula for satisfaction was “S=P-E”

Put another (actually understandable) way, Satisfaction equals Performance minus Expectations

I love this.

As consumers, we see this all the time. Check in to a Holiday Inn and you’re happy with a clean room. Check in to a Four Seasons and just having a clean room isn’t enough. Your expectations drive satisfaction. 

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Tough Customers

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/10/14 10:14 AM

A lot is made about bad customer service. But let me tell you, customers themselves are no picnic. 

Tom Peters once said “when your flight is messed up and you approach the counter, treat that person like she is the only person in the world that can help you. Because she is.” A lot of customers haven’t gotten that memo.  

So what does this mean? 

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Thumbs Up

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/4/14 6:00 AM

One of my favorite travel apps is TripIt. It does a great job organizing my travel world. According to TripIt, with the flight I’m currently sitting on, I have 241,745 miles flown since January 1, 2013. By comparison, the moon is 238,900 miles away.So I made it there.

And that gives me a lot of experience with various travel apps.

In fact, it’s made me an unofficial usability expert.

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Facing Your Fears

Posted by Andy Freed on 11/25/14 7:00 AM

I hate heights.

My sister is still mad that we never made it to the top of the Statue of Liberty in 1974, because I froze up on the stairs.

So, of course, yesterday I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Ok, I’ll confess, while I made it to the top, I hated it. Not using that just a figure of speech, I sincerely despised it.

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Does Your Association Have a Private Online Social Community?

Posted by Bruce Rogers on 11/19/14 7:00 AM

The legendary Augusta National Golf Club is home to the annual Masters Golf Tournament, and it’s one of the finest golf courses in the world. But beyond the club’s reputation for world-class golf, it’s also one of the world’s most exclusive social clubs. Augusta’s 300 members include Fortune 500 CEOs, former cabinet officials and the top two men on the Forbes 400 ranking of the wealthiest individuals, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

As for the golf, some days so few members play Augusta that it’s reportedly tough to find a partner for a round of 18.

Augusta National is one of the world’s best examples of a private social community where each member has opted in and is carefully screened to enhance the experiences of all other members. Now think about the members of your association who have already opted into a community of common interests and mutual benefit. Aside from contact at association meetings and conferences, how do they interact with each other? Increasingly, it’s via a private online social community, especially if your organization has lots of millennials as members.

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Fifteen Minutes of Privacy

Posted by Andy Freed on 11/13/14 7:00 AM

Andy Warhol famously said that in the future everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame. 

Nowadays, it seems like in the future everyone can aspire to fifteen minutes of privacy. 

And whether it’s illicit photos of Kate Upton showing up online or my kids living their lives out loud on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we no doubt have less privacy now than ever before. 

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Fighting fury with F.I.R.E.

Posted by Andy Freed on 11/5/14 7:00 AM

The “bad” Board member. Every Board has one. Just say their name and people roll their eyes.  

This person exists on nearly every Board, but takes on different forms.  Sometimes it’s a person who is intentionally disrupting the group’s activity. Sometimes it’s a person who monopolizes discussion.  Sometimes it’s a person who is abusive to his peers and staff. 

So how do you deal with this person?

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Right from the Start: Setting a Dues Structure That Works

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/28/14 7:30 AM

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  

This isn’t just for people, it’s for organizations as well. 

And that’s why it’s so critical to set your dues at the correct level right out of the box. 

In my mind, there are three things to think about in setting dues levels. 

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The Association Scoreboard

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/20/14 7:00 AM

Every day, the Boston Globe sports section brings me a seemingly unending array of stats. I know how the New England Patriots perform on the road, in night games, in games after a loss, against certain opponents, you name it.  

But many organizations don’t have a comparable scoreboard. They’re playing the game, but not sure how to keep score. 

Just like in sports, there’s no end to the statistics that you can look at, but here’s my top three gauges on the association dashboard. 

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