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Where have we been?

Posted by Andy Freed on 6/9/15 7:00 AM

I was reminded today that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Well, it’s been quite a few months. Between client meetings, new initiatives and more, we’ve been flat out.

Here’s just a bit of what I’ve been up to:

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Think QUICK for Better Board Members

Posted by Andy Freed on 3/11/15 7:00 AM

I’ve written before about how Boards need to be willing to drop bad members from the Board. Deadwood can kill a Board.  But what makes a good Board member? Think QUICK. 

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Demonstrate member value by frustrating your members

Posted by Greg Kohn on 2/4/15 7:00 AM

You’re right, that title seems really counterintuitive. Let’s be honest, it’s really never a good idea to frustrate your members. Ever. But a recent experience on my home front brought that concept to mind. Let me explain. 

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Best 2014 Blogs from Our Association and Alliance Management Company

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/29/14 9:15 AM

Happy New Year! We hope you and yours are having a memorable holiday season. Here at Virtual, Inc., we’ve certainly had a memorable year… 

We celebrated a big birthday. We grew our team. We expanded our service offerings. And we’ve really begun to make headway as a technology-focused alliance management company—capable of supporting open-source technology associations,  standard-setting alliances, and IoT consortia, in addition to our other practice areas

Of course, it’s not all about us. Your interests always drive the conversation, so here’s a list of our best blogs from 2014, based on your readership:

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At the Ready

Posted by Andy Freed on 3/10/14 4:37 AM

Yesterday I went underwear shopping.

This isn’t usually blog-worthy, but it actually tells you a bit of what we try to do here at Virtual.

One of our clients was due to testify on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Due to a massive 4-inch snowstorm that Washington isn’t terribly adept at clearing, his testimony was delayed until Thursday.

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Summer Reading

Posted by Andy Freed on 6/21/13 4:50 AM

Friday is the first day of summer. Every year, I wind up with a "summer reading list" of books that I'll read during the lazy days of summer. And every year, the list exceeds the number of lazy days.

Here are a few on the list for this year:

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