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The Best Social Media Channels for Professional Associations and Advocacy Groups

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/16/13 5:00 AM

With everyone from your accountant to your grandmother posting status updates, it seems like the whole world has mastered social media strategy. But social media is more complicated that it appears—especially for professional associations who are trying to build relationships, not just follower counts.

Plus, many organizations feel like they need to play catch-up, when it comes to social media. As a result, they overreach,

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Conference Services: How They Can Improve Your Association Events

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/9/13 5:00 AM

Today’s remote conferencing tools and virtual events are great for going green and reducing travel spend—particularly if your working groups, association executives, or Board members are geographically dispersed. But there’s no real substitute for in-person gatherings. When you need to unite key people in your association—for training, strategizing, or promoting new initiatives—professional conference services can help.

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How to Quadruple Your Association Membership in Four Years with Zero Marketing Budget

Posted by Greg Kohn on 8/3/11 5:00 AM

I figured this headline would draw some attention! Explosive membership growth – it’s the quest of nearly every association yet, unfortunately, the source of much frustration for most. A few years back I had the good fortune of serving as Managing Director for an association that went from 30 to 120 corporate members in less than four years. And these weren’t trivial memberships – they ranged in cost from $10,000 to $40,000.

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