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Maybe It's Time to Dust off that Old IPR Policy

Posted by Greg Kohn on 7/22/13 6:20 AM

For a technology consortium that plans to create any type of deliverables -- particularly specifications -- an intellectual property rights (IPR) policy is absolutely essential. Not having one will almost certainly discourage some or all participants from actively contributing to such efforts. Worse, adoption of your organization's specifications will almost certainly be limited if implementers are not sure what licensing rights they have or need. Consortia do themselves a big favor, then, by defining and making readily available IPR Policies as early into the organization’s life cycle as possible. What's more, associations are generally encouraged to develop such policies before any work on deliverables has begun. While all IPR Policy negotiations among members of a technical consortia can expect to get contentious at some point -- and why not, given the potential financial stakes involved -- the process only gets thornier when a late-to-bloom IPR Policy is the only thing standing in the way of technical progress.

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Why you should not proceed as an ad hoc working group

Posted by Andy Freed on 4/18/13 7:44 AM

As standards initiatives develop, a fork in the road that many hit is the question on whether to formally incorporate the entity or continue operating under a more informal structure, often referred to as a “promoter-adopter” model.

While no one likes to pay legal fees, the reality is that incorporation carries with it significant benefits for an organization and the process of establishing a corporate structure is fairly easy. For those considering whether to incorporate, here are some reasons why it’s typically a good idea:

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