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Why you should not proceed as an ad hoc working group

Posted by Andy Freed on 4/18/13 7:44 AM

As standards initiatives develop, a fork in the road that many hit is the question on whether to formally incorporate the entity or continue operating under a more informal structure, often referred to as a “promoter-adopter” model.

While no one likes to pay legal fees, the reality is that incorporation carries with it significant benefits for an organization and the process of establishing a corporate structure is fairly easy. For those considering whether to incorporate, here are some reasons why it’s typically a good idea:

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FTC Seeks Input on Patent Holdup in Standards Development

Posted by Andrew Updegrove on 5/16/11 3:00 AM

Note: Andrew Updegrove maintains The Standards Blog where he examines how standards are developed, and their impact on business, society, and the future. For more information, please visit The Standard Blog at

At intervals, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DoJ) have undertaken public initiatives intended to support the standards development process from the antitrust perspective. In each case, I've found the regulators to be open minded and genuinely interested in understanding the marketplace. Often, the goal of their information gathering efforts is to later issue guidelines that encourage good behavior, and make clear what they consider to be over the line. The result is that it makes it easier and safer for stakeholders to participate actively in the standard setting process. Regulators in the European Union follow the same practice.

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