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The Most Important Things to Consider When Creating Your Association’s Annual Budget

Posted by Tim Naughton on 12/12/16 11:59 AM

The budget: The lifeblood of any organization.

Nonprofit and for-profit organizations wrestle continually with maintaining and improving their overall operations. Regardless of tax status, organizations must constantly strive for sustainability while keeping the mission in mind.

Budgets should be a major part of every organization's plan. The budget is the realistic financial blueprint for the manifestation of an organization’s mission and goals. A well-planned budget will focus on the primary goals and objectives of the organization and provide financial and programmatic adaptability— key ingredients to maximize sustainability – for both the short and long terms.

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Tips for Managing Millennials - from a real, live millennial!

Posted by Zofia Eker on 5/2/16 8:40 AM

“Management is about coping with complexity. Leadership is about coping with change.”

- John Kotter, Harvard University, Leading Change

It was only about two years ago, when I started as a Program Coordinator at Virtual, Inc., that it dawned on me that I belong to the dreaded Millennial Generation. I say dreaded, because it seems that we have quite a reputation out in the world for being lazy, spoiled and demanding.

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Why Employee Engagement Should Be Part of Your HR Strategy

Posted by Ann Geary on 3/30/16 7:00 AM

We’ve all had them. The employee who had everything going for them on paper during the interview process, then turns out to be a nightmare.  Associations often feel particularly challenged in this respect—feeling that constraints on salary or “perks” compared with non-profits relegate them to be less selective on hiring. 

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The Three “I”s of Successful Tech Associations

Posted by Greg Kohn on 5/1/14 2:43 AM

As someone who's worked around technology associations for a long time, I often get asked: "So what are the secret traits of the groups that are the most successful?" Quite honestly, these secrets traits aren't really so secret. In fact, I like to call them the three "I"s. All of the better-performing organizations I have worked with have had at least one of these traits; some of the great ones have had all three.

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Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. So goes the adage.

Posted by Andy Freed on 4/2/14 2:00 AM

Well, for many Board members, “fading away” means unceremoniously dropping them off the Board. That’s why former Board members are often a trouble spot for organizations—someone goes from being “in the know” to “out in the cold.” The result: a one time key member—and often still influential one—becomes disenfranchised.

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Simple Truths About Strategic Planning for Your Professional Association

Posted by Andy Freed on 11/20/13 3:32 AM

Too many professional associations function without a strategic plan. And whether they know it or not, they suffer major consequences. Without strategic planning, an organization lurches from priority to priority, depending on who has the loudest voice at the Board table; volunteers are frustrated, and critical goals go unmet.

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Organizational Development in Only 22,366 Steps

Posted by Andy Freed on 3/12/13 6:38 AM

I'm a gadget guy and always have been. My house is filled with remote controls. Heck, I have a still camera, video camera, Flip Cam, camera phone, water proof camera for the beach, Go Pro camera for my surfboard and even a new "collar cam" for Buster the silky terrier. I wish I were making that up.

But the gadget I'm most enamored with right now is my Fitbit.

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Top Six Things to Look for in an Association Management Company

Posted by Andy Freed on 2/7/13 7:17 AM

At Virtual, half of our business is organizations we helped launch. And the other half comes to us from another AMC. This gives me a bit of a jaded view of other AMCs—after all, no one would be looking to switch if they’re current AMC was doing a great job. But it has given me a great window into some of the challenges that organizations face in working with AMCs, and as a result a good idea of some of the things that someone should look for in hiring an AMC. Here’s my top six.

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Lessons from Unlikely Sources

Posted by Andy Freed on 12/18/12 8:57 AM

It’s said that life is the ultimate learning experience. And in 2012, I learned quite a bit from some unusual sources. As I reflect on the year, it struck me that many of these lessons apply not just to me, but to the associations that I work with as well. Here are just a few:

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