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Virtual: A Day in the Life – Events Planner

Posted by Jessie Hennion & Miriam Macedo on 2/23/17 10:10 AM

Q&A with Brittney Burns, Events Manager at Virtual

What do you do at Virtual?

At Virtual, I manage events for a technology-focused, non-profit association management company. This might mean planning conferences and member meetings. Virtual’s event planning team plans numerous Board of Directors and association working group meetings every year. We run events in 35 countries for participants including the U.S. Secretary of State, Supreme Court justices, and Fortune 100 CEOs! 

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Lessons from The Boss

Posted by Andy Freed on 2/18/16 10:45 AM

presentation_tips.jpgI love my job. And I love my family. But there are times I’m “this close” to throwing it all away to just follow Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band around the country. He’s out on tour again, and I’m slated to see him at least four times this tour alone. 

If you’ve not been to a Springsteen show, there’s nothing else like it. His recent show in Boston was three and a half hours long, and included the 66-year-old Springsteen crowd-surfing during "Hungry Heart" and simply never taking a break from the first song to the last. 

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Agenda Setting

Posted by Andy Freed on 2/10/15 7:00 AM

Ever really think about the agenda for a meeting? Often, agendas aren’t created with a lot of thought, they’re just a list of things that an association or consortium needs to cover in its meeting. But a properly structured agenda can be the difference between an effective meeting and one that drifts.

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Association Meetings, Sweat The Details

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/26/11 5:00 AM

It’s meeting season. Over the past three weeks, our clients have held nearly a dozen meetings and conferences of all types—with over 2500 total attendees.

We’ve had some great success with our meetings and events in recent weeks. As I think about why, it struck me that there are a few general rules that associations should keep in mind when holding events of any size:

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