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Tipping Point

Posted by Andy Freed on 7/20/16 12:09 PM

It’s been over 15 years since Malcom Gladwell wrote “The Tipping Point.” Gladwell defined the tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

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Always On

Posted by Andy Freed on 1/23/14 6:40 AM

My holiday gift to myself this year was a Pebble Smartwatch. Of course, I got one in part because I can’t resist the latest gadget. (For other gadget geeks out there, I strongly recommend the UK Magazine T3, available on the iPad. It’s like porn for gadget geeks.)

But another reason I got one is even more pitiful. I simply can’t resist the siren song of my vibrating phone, and the twenty seconds it was

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November 1963 Through the Lens of the Internet Age

Posted by Andy Freed on 11/22/13 2:00 AM

Walk past a newsstand and you can’t escape it. The 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination is on the cover of every magazine from Time to People. It’s a tragedy that I still can’t get my head around. And with everyone from Tom Brokaw to Kennedy’s former aides offering perspective this week, there’s little I can add to the commentary from a historical perspective.

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The Best Social Media Channels for Professional Associations and Advocacy Groups

Posted by Andy Freed on 10/16/13 5:00 AM

With everyone from your accountant to your grandmother posting status updates, it seems like the whole world has mastered social media strategy. But social media is more complicated that it appears—especially for professional associations who are trying to build relationships, not just follower counts.

Plus, many organizations feel like they need to play catch-up, when it comes to social media. As a result, they overreach,

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Going Mobile

Posted by Andy Freed on 9/20/12 11:17 AM

Since I’m not willing to camp out in front of the Apple Store, it’s going to be a few weeks until my iPhone 5 arrives. When it does, it will bring the count of cell phones that I’ve owned up to a dozen. I’ve come a long way from the Motorola bag phone.

Now, no one leaves the house without their phone—and that’s typically a smart phone. May of 2012 was the first time that Nielsen showed that the majority of US consumers were using smartphones. There are similar trends underway in Europe and Asia.

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